Selected Projects

Learning Designs

DSLR Camera Simulator

Brief summary: I created a simulation for a DSLR camera for learners to explore a few of the advanced settings. This project was created in Articulate Storyline.

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Assessment Literacy Leaders in Indiana (ALLIN)

Brief summary: Full day in-person workshop or 8 hour online course I designed to help K-12 teachers and leaders inerpret and use assessment data more appropriately.

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Woodpecker Microlearning

Brief summary: I created a microlearning course using 7taps on the key differences between Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers.

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Social Annotation Workshop

Brief summary: A 45-min interactive professional development workshop I designed and led for K-12 and higher education instructors interested in using social annotation technology in their classrooms.

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DVD Studio Pro: A Starting Point

Brief summary: An example of a training manual I created in 2007 to introduce students and patrons of multimedia labs on campus to the DVD Studio Pro software.

Detailed description and sample of learning materials

Multimedia Skills

Assessment Literacy Intro Video

Need: K-12 Educators needed a quick introduction to why we were building training for standardized assessments.

Solution: I used Animaker, Adobe Audition, and Final Cut Pro to create a brief introduction video to the assessment literacy professional development workshops for K-12 educators.

Canva / Google Doc Tutorials

Need: Students were struggling with how to put together policy brief papers that were well designed.

Solution: I used Camtasia to record and edit two videos for undergraduate students on how to use Canva and Google Docs to complete a policy brief assignment.

Andrews Class YouTube Channel

Need: Students often had the same questions or were absent when I taught particular features of a software program.

Solution: I posted many of my technical training videos for my high school students to this YouTube channel. It contains various tutorials for Apple and Adobe software that I recorded using Camtasia.

IENetwork Videos

Need: This startup client needed to explain the basic functionality and features of their app.

Solution: I collaborated with the marketing department at this startup to film and edit this series of videos for an insurance technology startup in 2011-2012 using Final Cut Pro, Canon DSLR, lighting equipment, and a green screen.

Expansive framing as pragmatic theory for online and hybrid instructional design

Brief summary: Article published in a top tier educational technology journal that I contributed to with two other colleagues. This article provides a step-by-step process for creating engaging online and hybrid instructional design.

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Strategies for implementing social annotation in online learning

Brief summary: Paper presented at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) 2021 Conference about different strategies that teachers could use to implement social annotation technology in their online courses.

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Creating sustainable and scalable approaches for enhancing educators’ assessment literacy: Assessment literacy leaders in Indiana (ALL IN)

Brief summary: I organized a panel of experts on assessment to present on helping educators better understand assessment. Panel presented at the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) Special Conference on Classroom Assessment in 2019.

Full Details | Conference Program | Session Submission | ALL IN Handout

Expansively framing social annotations for generative collaborative learning in online courses

Brief summary: An independent research project that I conducted in an online Educational Psychology course on how students used social annotation technology for learning. Presented at the Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Conference in 2019.

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