DSLR Camera Simulation


New DSLR camera owners often stay in the "Automatic" camera mode because they don't understand how to utilize some of the more advanced features of the camera. This project helps DSLR camera owners practice with a few key features of DSLR cameras. Knowing how to properly adjust the three settings in this simulation will help DSLR camera owners be more intentional with how their images look by adjusting the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.


The learner is presented with the opportunity to explore the camera settings by adjusting the sliders and clicking the "Take Picture" button. Learners can review what each setting does by hovering over the "?" icons next to each setting. When learners are ready, they can complete three separate challenges to test their photography skills.

Built in Articulate Storyline, this project uses several variables, many image and button states, and a few different layers.