About Me

I am a user and UX researcher, with 6+ years of research experience working on 20+ user and UX-related research projects that have helped improve products and product implementations, primarily within the educational technology space. I have specific expertise in qualitative research methods (e.g., thematic analysis, discourse analysis, design-based research, program evaluation) and data collection (e.g., focus groups, interviews). I also have expertise in survey design and analysis. 

Prior to my UX experience, I taught high school media and technology classes (i.e., video production, TV broadcasting, digital media, and photography) for 7 years. During that time I served on our school's leadership team, as a department chair, and as a mentor for 20+ new teachers. 

I really like ice cream, making baked goods (usually cookies), birdwatching, and building with LEGO with my kids.