Andrews Class Youtube Channel


Students would often ask the same questions about how to do something in the software they were learning. I created videos to help students and myself maximize our time.


I created tutorial videos for many of the basic functions of the software used in my media and technology courses using Camtasia recording software. While the primary audience was my students, I knew that these tutorials would be useful to others outside of my class, so I posted them on YouTube.

Most of the videos are less than 4 minutes and I tried to keep them simple and straightforward. Also, many of the videos are 6+ years old, so some of the functions have changed a bit since the videos were posted.

You can view examples from my YouTube channel below or click here to view the channel on YouTube.


Export Movie From GarageBand

Final Cut Pro X

Title Safe Area

Adobe Illustrator

Paintbrush vs Blob Brush

Adobe Photoshop